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At Penn Garden Day Care Center in Monroeville, PA, we believe children are the future. Every child is different, whether by age or personality, and that’s why we structure our day care center in way that is beneficial to their growth and advancement. Each room is uniquely designed for a certain age group, including age-appropriate toys, learning milestones, and projects. We provide a detailed description of each room below.



Penn Garden Day Care Center provides a safe and caring space for the infants. We work on developing motor and cognitive skills, with space to roll, crawl and walk around. We have, exersaucers, Jumperoo, and many toys to help develop these skills. They will sing, read stories, and play games. Each child is assigned their own pack and play, a shelf for their food, bottles and extra clothes, and a basket for their diapers, wipes, and creams. A daily sheet will be filled out telling the parents about the child's day. We have an open communication between our staff and parents.


In our one-year-old room, learning to communicate is very important. Circle time is done daily to learn animals, foods, and colors with flashcards. Children are encouraged to use "please" and "thank you". They learn to sit in chairs at a table, graduating from high chairs. Art projects are done daily and are displayed throughout the center for all to see. Children also enjoy singing and dancing daily. Depending on the weather, the children are able to go outside in the playground beside the building. They are able to run, play with balls, and bikes. We also have an indoor play area for the not-so-nice days.  


The two-year-olds are divided into two groups, the younger and older. Both groups do circle time learning letters, shapes, numbers, colors, body parts, and the days of the week. The older two-year-olds start learning how to recognize his or her name. They learn how to put puzzles together and are read to daily. Art projects are also done daily and displayed throughout the day care center. There are different areas for the children to play, featuring cars and people, blocks and tracks for cars, and a kitchen area with a table, kitchen sets, dishes, dolls, and blankets. At lunch, they also sit in chairs and are taught how to use a spoon and fork. Outside play is done daily, weather permitting. Our inside play area is utilized for those days when weather is bad outside.  


Our pre-K room provides more free play room. Each day the children will do small group activities at the tables. This includes writing, drawing, coloring, cutting and tracing, small manipulation, and more. We do circle time daily, which includes days of the week, months, year, and seasons. Each week there is a new theme with letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. Each child will learn their name, address, and phone number. Yoga is incorporated into our morning routine daily. Our outside activities include ladders, swings, slides, bikes, and balls to play with, which is done daily, weather permitting. We use our classroom for music and movement exercise when the weather is bad. The children play in one of our four centers daily. Our centers include blocks and puzzles, a water table, dramatic play, cars, and people. Story time is included in the theme of the week.  


We provide before- and after-school care for children in the Gateway School District. On off school days and during the summer, we do accept students from other districts. We have two, large LEGO® tables, dramatic play, blocks, board games, Barbies™, and an indoor 4-square game. The children are permitted to bring electronics in the summer to use during quiet hours as long as they do not require Wi-Fi (we do not provide it for the children). Our summer program includes walks to our local park, our own playground where we will run a sprinkler on hot days, ball games, 4-square, soccer, and basketball.  


Enjoying the Outdoors

It is important for your child to maintain healthy and active and daily physical activity can help with gross motor skill development as well as socialization with other children. Our Daycare offers an outdoor playground as well as an indoor one.

Schedule a visit and tour Penn Garden Day Care Center today! Our child care providers have years of experience and pride themselves on offering each child the personalized attention they need to thrive. Consistent education and an age-appropriate environment are vital to the growth and success of young children, so let our day care center provide the education and care your child needs.